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As we move to the last half term of the year, our current trainees are facing the final hurdles on their journey to QTS. 

They are building their best practice evidence files and preparing for their final assignment which is an impact presentation to a panel of SLT. They have to evidence what impact the SCITT has had on their progress as a teacher, and what impact they have had on the pupils they have taught. 

We are very proud to report that more trainees have secured full-time teaching positions for September:

  • Mandy Dawson-Nuttall at Fleetwood High School
  • Jamie Wade at Montgomery High School
  • Simon Hunt at Rossall

We are continuing to recruit for our next cohort of trainees ready for September. Initial Teacher Training (ITT) figures for 2016/17 show a decrease in the overall number of recruits compared with 2015/16, with only 93% of places being filled. The overall contribution to the secondary target was 89%, meaning nearly 2,000 places went unfilled. In the northwest, we are down 2000 applications to ITT when compared to this time last year. Despite these figures, our SCITT programme will have a strong field of trainees commencing their training in September. 

Celebrating success

Chloe Thirsk graduated from our SCITT programme in July 2016 and secured a job as a teacher of Drama at St Mary’s Menston Catholic Academy in Leeds. During her teacher training year with us, she completed placements at Millfield Performing Arts College and Garstang Community Academy. We are so proud to report that after an extremely successful NQT year, Chloe has secured a position as Head of Drama at a new school. Many congratulations to her!
Charlotte Boyle graduated from our teacher training programme in July 2015 and secured a job as a teacher of English at our lead school Hodgson Academy. She worked hard during her NQT year and this did not go unnoticed. As a result, she is now Head of Pheonix House! Superb achievement for Charlotte at such an early stage in her career!