Congratulations to all of the following trainees for securing a teaching positions in schools across the Fylde coast.

  • Richard Crawshay in Science at Hodgson Academy
  • Molly Fenton in RE and Tom Hibbett in Science at St Georgeís School
  • Olivia McKell in Science and David Gilmartin in Maths at Fleetwood High School
  • Joe Clayton in Science at Aspire Academy
  • Rob Whitley in Maths at St Aidanís CoE High School

The first term of the training course has had its ups and downs, with difficult moments being challenged and many members of the course feeling their own personal 'crunch time'. 

With our trainees spread across the Fylde Coast, there has been a diverse range of school environments to train in and learn from. They've made tremendous progress from the strangers of day one back in September to become a fully fledged training team, supporting each other through the dreaded 'Nutty November' to reach the end of term one in triumphant style. 

With a focus on behaviour management in the Friday training days during term one, the trainees have been immersed in different strategies of coping, preventing and adapting to different behaviours. This has provided the trainees with the toolkit to create a safe and successful learning environment. They are all looking forward to the contrasting placements after February half term.

Local employment rates are higher than ever this year! Beating everyone to the post was Mr Aidan Eaves, who has been awarded a position at St. Mary's Catholic Academy teaching Maths.

When asked about his success at St. Mary's, his response was overwhelmingly positive:

"The hard work and effort I have put into the school during my first placement here has really paid off. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and canít wait to be back at the school in July, when I can start preparing for my NQT year."

Following closely behind were Molly Fenton who was awarded a position teaching Religious Education and Tom Hibbett secured a position in Science -both at St George's High School. All trainees did tremendously well, with jobs starting to be released at a steady flow, there is hope that by the time of the next issue, there will be even more success in obtaining jobs for our trainees.  

Since October half term we have been focusing our attentions on Standard 5, and meeting the needs of all pupils in our care. The trainees have received superb sessions focusing specifically on different learning needs and disabilities, and how to modify planning accordingly. We have also learnt how to use data to inform our planning. We have welcomed outstanding training sessions from local experts such as Darius Robinson, Roy Blake, Chris Lickiss, Stephen Cooke, Sally Radford and Cherryl Drabble at Highfurlong to name but a few. Most trainees have experienced teaching in a local primary school and/or at the Blackpool Sixth Form as our course in 11-16 with post-16 enhancement but it's important to know the KS2 curriculum too.  Thank you to all of our schools for their continued support and contributions to the SCITT partnership.